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Daftar Instruksi Bahasa Assembly

Posted by Tutorial Programming on Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Instruksi Keterangan Singkatan 
ACALL Absolute Call 
ADD Add 
ADDC Add with Carry
AJMP Absolute Jump 
ANL AND Logic 
CJNE Compare and Jump if Not Equal 
CLR Clear 
CPL Complement 
DA Decimal Adjust 
DEC Decrement 
DIV Divide
DJNZ Decrement and Jump if Not Zero 
INC Increment
JB Jump if Bit Set 
JBC Jump if Bit Set and Clear Bit 
JC Jump if Carry Set 
JMP Jump to Address 
JNB Jump if Not Bit Set 

JNC Jump if Carry Not Set 
JNZ Jump if Accumulator Not Zero 
JZ Jump if Accumulator Zero 
LCALL Long Call 
LJMP Long Jump 
MOV Move from Memory 
MOVC Move from Code Memory 
MOVX Move from Extended Memory 
MUL Multiply
NOP No Operation 
ORL OR Logic 
POP Pop Value From Stack 
PUSH Push Value Onto Stack 
RET Return From Subroutine 
RETI Return From Interrupt 
RL Rotate Left 
RLC Rotate Left through Carry 
RR Rotate Right 
RRC Rotate Right through Carry 
SETB Set Bit 
SJMP Short Jump 
SUBB Subtract With Borrow 
SWAP Swap Nibbles 
XCH Exchange Bytes 
XCHD Exchange Digits 
XRL Exclusive OR Logic



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