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Laptop Vs Tablet Computers (iPad)

Posted by Tutorial Programming on Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

When it comes to choosing a brand new computer, there will be confusion. It is not just because of the range of laptop/PC brands available in the market, but also because of the different types of computing devices that have been launched. With devices like the Apple iPad (iPad 2 also) launched in the market, which is a tablet pc. So, an average consumer’s question would be, “Should I buy a laptop or tablet pc?” I decided to make some pros and cons of a Laptop and Tablet PC in this article. Use this as a guide, if you are really a confused consumer. I took iPad as an example of tablet pc, because almost TABs come with the similar configurations.
So, which one is better, iPad or Laptop?
Here are the main features of the Apple iPad. iPad has completely revolutionized the tablet pc range of devices, but it won’t be a laptop killer. With around 1Ghz Apple A4 processor and 256 MB DRAM (512 RAM in iPad2)and a maximum of 64 GB storage space, battery life offering 10 hours of video, 9.7 inch multi touch screen and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity, iPad works best as a media player and as an ebook reader, but you can’t use TABs for serious computing works. For people who are addicted to operating keyboards on laptops, the switching to a touch screen keyboard cannot be comfortable. A laptop computer costs less than half the price of the Apple iPad or iPad 2.

What is in a Tablet PC (here iPad)
iPad is a tablet PC, with the size and weight roughly between smartphones and laptops. It uses the same OS as the Apple’s iPhone and the iPod Touch. The iPad can be a mobile gadget, equipped with an e-reader, gaming device, digital photo frame and iPod (music). Apple and other tablet pc manufacturers has small application programs designed for all ‘above said’ uses, which is called as Apps, you can install them using the App Store or other app marketplaces. The touch screen is easy to clean and Apple users will adapt easily to the iPad look and feel. Some Tabs use android operating systems, which is growing quickly. You can find android apps in android marketplace for android based tablets.
What is in a Laptop?
A Laptop is a combined the functionality of a desktop with the portability of a mobile phone. You can take laptop everywhere and desktops are not. In business, entertainment, gaming, networking, name the sphere of use, there is a laptop for it. Laptops have Wi-Fi, bluetooth, USB connectivity, web cameras and many more features can additionally be added in a less cost. Each manufacturer has something unique to offer, and you can install everything and anything onto a laptop.
Comparing iPad with a Laptop:
The average laptop weighs around 5 to 7 pounds and the iPad weighs 1.5 pounds. The iPad (Tab PC) is easier to carry around and you get through security checks in airports a lot faster. A laptop needs to be opened up, plugged in, and booted up to be used. iPad can be quick booted and no need to unpack and repack a bag.  The iPad dimensions are equivalent to a book, but it’s made of glass. It’s also more expensive than a book. Just because it’s portable, that doesn’t mean you should pack it in a bag without a protective case.
Battery Life
iPad has up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. The charger fits easily in a purse or pocket. A laptop lasts at a maximum of 3 hours and life decreases with applications like games or video. Laptop chargers are heavier than iPad chargers
Laptop is more productive than Tablet PCs. But with additional keyboards andaccessories, a tablet PC also converted into a serious machine!
Hardware Connectivity
There are huge peripherals support to laptops and Tablet devices are yet to come to standard ports and connectors. For laptops, you may find these ports and connectors less costly than tablet PCs
It is difficult to compare a touch screen with standard mouse and keyboard. They are 2 completely different input devices. The touch screen is responsive and more natural to use than a mouse. It boots up very quickly. The keyboard is on-screen, so you have to look down on the screen to type. Also, you have to hold the TAB in one hand and type, unless you get a dock. With an USB keyboard, it will be easy to use Tablets.
Laptops can have any OS, even the MacBook Pro allows you to have Windows as a secondary OS. But you can’t change OS of a TAB. You can only use apps from the App Store/ marketplace. There are ways to download and install other software on your iPad, but that affects TAB’s warranty issue. The TAB PC is a good e-reader. It’s more comfortable and easier to use the TAB, when just reading. The maximum hard disk capacity currently available in an iPad or any other TAB is 64 GB. Now that’s nothing in hard disk land. Laptops have an advantage over here, since the average laptop has at least 200 GB.
Finally, choosing between a TAB and a Laptop should be based on your usage and needs. If you are looking for a portable, efficient and smart device, then you should go for a tablet PC, with good handy apps and easy wireless connectivity, it will be a great addition to any household. If you like a lot into heavy-duty gaming, some serious programming and similar other works, need software and hardware support, then laptop will suit you. Newer laptops models are lighter and more portable than old laptops.
Now, you can decide what you will buy. Do let me know in the comments field below, what do you think?



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