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Beautiful View Of Rinjani Mountain in Indonesia

Posted by Tutorial Programming on Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

it is about lombok again. I just want to recommend to you who want to travel to lombok(Indonesia) don't forget to hike the Rinjani montain(if you like to hike).
why? because it's beautiful place...
here is description about rinjani mountain:

Mount Rinjani (3726 m asl), is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, at the top has a large caldera with high rock cliffs lined green lake Segara Anak (2010 masl) and at one edge decorated with scattered scattered piles of frozen lava mountains that surround the new New Mountain appeared finger (2376 masl).

It is said by previous climbers that climb on Mount Rinjani is the five star trekking (climbing five stars), signaling and call of those who never reach Rinjani, if a hotel then it is the highest class, five star. Currently there are three official channels ascent to the summit of Mount Rinjani, of course, all three are unique and different characteristics and uses will be determined by the purpose of climbing will be done.

Senaru Path (North)
Is the route most traveled mainly by foreign climbers, it is due to easy access to this location and are in a tourist route to the Senggigi Beach. Village Senaru as the entrance area, you will pass through this pathway can also see other attractions such as the oldest mosque in Lombok Island, Desa Adat Bayan, and Waterfall Spring Gile, in this location also has available a simple inn-lodging and services climbing sufficient.
This path is dominated by tropical rain forest with vegetation density is quite good, you'll pass some of the darkest parts of the forest. And some typical dish such as forest birds chirping, the sound of other animals jokes. Travel from the traps Gawah, until pelawangan Senaru (2641 masl) will pass through four resting place, but this climb is a relentless climb for 6-8 hours because the path continues uphill and few have the "bonus" for the climbers, but do not be upset first, because when I got in pelawangan Senaru can enjoy the charm of Rinjani

Sembalun Path (East)
This path is the top choice if your first goal is the summit of Rinjani, the path is dominated by vast savannas, evergreen trees such as mountain huddled timidly in the midst of reeds, from gate to post Padabalang you can go through between 4-6 hours trips, among the reeds you can find traces of the eruption of the rivers in sand and black rocks, you also will likely be met with fire-cow whose number can be estimated at more than a thousand tails of the field, these weeds.

Passing through this route seemed more relaxed because there are rarely any steep hills, ramps-ramps arguably just got Padabalang. From Padabalang towards pelawangan Sembalun (2902 masl) will feel the real ascent through the 2-3 hour trip, the climbers used to call this section as the "Hill of Torture" despite the fact that if we can be more relaxed so we can enjoy alloy with a collection of savanna forest pine and meadow edelweiss.

Arrive at pelawangan Sembalun should stay at the Camping Ground is located on the eastern caldera aunt. from here you can see Mount Agung in Bali, from the tendapun you can see the Segara Anak Lake and the New Mount beneath your fingers. Pelawangan Sembalun be likened to erminal, from here you can chose whether to the top of Rinjani or to Lake Segara Anak.

The journey to the summit usually begins around pukup 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm, when the sun will rise sebingga you've arrived at the summit and enjoy the beauty of the birth of the sun at this time, and more than half of the trip was dominated by sand, loose sand. Can be at its peak at around 9:00 pm, after that you should fall back to pelawangan because the wind will be very strong along with the increasing sun. Once pelawangan Sembalun then you can prepare yourself to Lake Segara Anak (2-3 hour trip) through the Caldera cliffs along the East and some expanse of reeds to the lake Segara Anak.

Path Timbanuh (South)
Determining the climb through the south is a mix of both lines above or a blend of tropical rain forests and savannas, with the distance from the hamlet of Teak dampai pelawangan Timbanuh about 8-10 hours. Is a new path opened by BINGR, compared to two other lines, facilities and infrastructure is still inadequate However the advantages of this pathway is the availability of epidermis which is pretty much along the route, climbing Timbanuh currently only limited to South pelawangan and South Peak Rinjani, whereas trip to the lake is not recommended because the track conditions are very steep and has not laid out so as the level of danger is very high.

From South pelawangan you can see the crater of Mount New Finger with clear, because in comparison with two other pelawangan, South pelawangan closest to Mount New Finger. On this route you pass some fields kana edelweiss, and you can go to the top of Rinjani south, from the top of this you can only see the Rinjani summit from a distance that is much too far but you can not go there because dihalangiengan - + 230 m and the estimated water content as many as 1375 million m3, discharge excess water contained in the northeast shore of the lake is crowing Puteq you will find a pool of hot water immersion is commonly called Aik Kalak.

Segara Anak lake filled with fish species carp and Mujaer big enough, so if you are going to the lake, we recommend bringing your fishing vacation more memorable so, about the bait you can order in society and Sembalun Senaru. Still around the lake you can see some caves with water sources of sulfur are commonly used to wash the heirloom weapons like dagger, spear and saber.

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